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Place of Birth

Ontario, Canada, 2008



Gwyneth started her first contact with the fascinating world of painting when she was only 18 months old, through her father`s hand (a professional artist & international trained designer).

At the age of 2, surprisingly she had developed her own unique style. By the age of 3 she had created 20 professional sized paintings. Now she is 6 years old, and in spite of her tender age, she has captured the attention of many people around the globe for her genuineness and sincere love for art.She has shown a perceptual creativity of uniqueness and simplicity on her artwork. She immersed herself into the wonderful creation that God has designed.

In nature is where she finds her inspiration.

In Spring 2012, she donated two of her beautiful paintings to Ronald McDonald House Toronto.

Her first exhibition opened in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada at Visual Arts Mississauga Gallery in January 2013 at the tender age of 4.

Gwyneth has been interviewed by recognized Journalists in Toronto, Susan Hay (Global Toronto News), Laura Kane (Toronto Star), David Patterson (Mississauga News) Martha Pinzon and Norman Patino. (Radio Voces Latinas, CHHA 1610 AM).



Recognition as  "One of the Youngest Artist on Canvas in the World"


         In August 2016, Gwyneth has been a nominee for the " VISUAL ARTIST OF THE YEAR "
         category by InFAME Awards. 
         Early September 2016, Gwyneth received her second nomination in 2016 for the
         "YOUNG VISIONARY OF THE YEAR" category by Vision Awards, organized by the
         Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


Course of Jewellery Creative,  certified by the Jewelry Chamber of Commerce of Jalisco,

Guadalajara, Mexico.

Conducted by a Jewelry Designer responsible for designing Miss Universe 2010 accessories, 2015




              In 2013, Gwyneth was accepted as a member of the Canadian Artist Society.




"Simply.. an Extraordinary Four Years Artist Exhibition", Visual Arts Mississauga, January 14-20, 2013

"Share the love" Square Art Gallery February 2015

"Gwyneth Herrera", The 805 Studio, July 31, 2015

"Group Art Exhibition" Square Art Gallery February 2016



Experience & Artwork

Gwyneth has developed her own abstract style by using acrylic paintings on canvas, her favorite tools to create her artwork are the roller, brush, & spatula.


52, Acrylic, 48"x48", 2013

Princess Sea, Acrylic, 24"x36", 2013

Beautiful Paradise, Acrylic, 24"x36", 2013

Parque, Acrylic, 18"x24", 2012

Square, Acrylic, 24"x24", 2012

Rain, Acrylic, 12"x24", 2012

Ocean, Acrylic, 24"x24", 2012

Castillo, Acrylic, 24"x24", 2012

Sunset, Acrylic, 12"x24", 2012

Galaxy, Acrylic, 18"x24", 2012

Butterfly, Acrylic, 12"x16", 2011

Cocodrilo, Acrylic, 12"x16", 2011



October 01, 2014, Gwyneth was a special guest at Mexico Valley University

January 31, 2013, Martha Pinzon and Norman Patino. (Radio Voces Latinas, CHHA 1610 AM)

January 17, 2013 Gwyneth has been interviewed by Laura Kane (Toronto Star)

January 15, 2013, David Patterson (Mississauga News)

January 14-20, 2013, Her first art exhibition at Visual Arts Mississauga Gallery

In January 2013, Gwyneth was featured on many websites such as Materialicious, torontohispano etc.

March 19, 2012, Gwyneth was featured on Making the different", presented by Susan Hay, Global News

In Spring 2012, she donated two paintings to Ronald McDonald House Toronto, featured by Global News

September 15, 2016, Gwyneth has been selected as a nominee for "The Visual Artist of the Year 2016" InFAME Awards. Recognizing the best artist in fashion, art & entertainment.



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